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Arts Roundup: When The Screams Come Edition

Plus: Yale just released 6,000 photos of D.C. during the Great Depression.

Pentagram Plays Its First D.C. Show in a Decade

Last Saturday night, American University’s campus witnessed far more leather and denim than usual. The quad was overrun by jean jackets with Black Flag patches and dusty, old combat boots, instead of the Greek-heavy school's typical North Face jackets and TOMS.
The occasion? Local bands Unholy Thoughts, Coke Bust, and Satan’s Satyrs were teaming up with [...]

ToDo ToDay: Awesome Con, Carolyn Malachi, and Easter Celebrations

An awesome fan-fiction mashup could gather all your favorite characters in one world, but only an awesome convention can attempt to replicate that in real life. If you’re the type to spin long and complicated yarns about fictional people, you might as well hoof it to D.C.’s Awesome Con to meet the humans who play [...]

Vance Bockis, D.C. Punk Rocker, Dies at Age 50

D.C. punk rocker Vance Bockis, member of local punk and metal bands The Obsessed, The Factory, 9353, and Pentagram, died Saturday at age 50, reports WTOP.
Bockis spoke openly about his previous heroin addiction in Shift, a 2010 biography directed by Falls Church, Va., filmmaker Steven Biver. "I should be dead or I should be in prison," [...]

Bobby Liebling Doc Set to Open in D.C. on—Nevermind.

Last Days Here has received a considerable amount of praise in the past year. This documentary follows Bobby Liebling, the self-destructive founder of legendary D.C. doom metal pioneers Pentagram. Yesterday's New York Times features a profile of the film, which follows Liebling as he struggles with an addiction to crack. The co-directors, Dan Argott and Demian Fenton, have given [...]

Your Band Could Be Our Drink

Forgive us, but Drinkify is kind of addictive. You type in a band name, and then, using its algorithm, the site suggests an appropriate libation with which to enjoy your tunes. Some are hilarious—and some don't quite feel accurate. For example, type in "Black Tambourine"—that'd be the influential early '90s noise-pop group—and Drinkify tells you to [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Raw Power

It’s unbelievable that an MP3 file or a slab of wax could contain the fury of Dope Body’s latest album, Nupping. The band mixes boisterous alt-funk, damaged noise rock, and aggressive post-punk, spikes the result with a bit of soul and hip-hop, and plays with enough intensity to make the album seem like a plausible [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Nobis, H Street: The Sitcom, Pentagram

Arin Greenwood leads the arts section this week with a profile of The Nobis, a Japanese electro-pop band that's restarting its career in D.C. post-tsunami. Mike Madden, Michael E. Grass, and I plot out the first season of H Street, an ill-advised sitcom that's allegedly in development. David Dunlap reviews the new record by Pentagram, a [...]