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Penny Starr Returns With New Attack on Gays, National Portrait Gallery

Is Penny Starr losing her touch?
The activist-slash-journalist who launched the campaign that got a queer-themed artwork removed from the National Portrait Gallery is back—with, well, the exact same complaint about the same museum. But this year, her timing is off.
In late November 2010, Starr penned a complaint about "Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture," [...]

Museum of Censored Art Founders Win 2011 ALA Award for Intellectual Freedom

The American Library Association has named Mike Blasenstein and Michael Dax Iacovone the winners of the 2011 John Phillip Immroth Memorial Award for intellectual freedom. Earlier this year, Blasenstein and Iacovone established and maintained the Museum of Censored Art, a mobile protest center they parked outside the National Portrait Gallery from Jan. 13 to Feb. [...]

Clough Releases Statement on Wojnarowicz Controversy. But Why Call It a Controversy?

Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution G. Wayne Clough released a statement today addressing his decision last month to pull a video from the National Portrait Gallery's "Hide/Seek" exhibit. Read the full statement below.
But first, some notes! My persistent position on this issue is that it was not a controversy. There were not two sides engaged [...]

Continuing a Dialogue . . . With Penny Starr

Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution G. Wayne Clough has pledged to continue a dialogue about censorship at the Smithsonian. (At least, come April, he will.) Another figure in this great debate, however, has remained notably absent: Penny Starr, the conservative activist-journalist whose story initially spurred Sec. Clough to pull David Wojnarowicz's A Fire in My [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 16

Gentle readers, today Far Out vs. Hot Dang is here to warn you not to reflect too much upon 2010. Nostalgia generally is for suckers. You'll thank us for saying it now, rather than three weeks from now. And while you're striving to avoid suckerishness, we've got the usual dose of cool-ish shit and hot-ish [...]

A Fire in Her Belly: Penny Starr, the Conservative Activist Who Punked the Smithsonian

A number of heroes and villains have emerged in the controversy following the Smithsonian Institution’s decision to remove a video work by David Wojnarowicz on display at the National Portrait Gallery. Victoria Reis, director of scrappy D.C. nonprofit Transformer, quickly showed A Fire in My Belly after it was taken down last week. On the [...]