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The Folly’s Launch Party Is Tonight

What do international art collector Mera Rubell and D.C. prince of the scenesters Andrew Bucket have in common? After wily hair, the best answer would have to be The Folly, a new print-only literary and art magazine for the District. Did you hear that—print only! It's the literary equivalent of a band releasing its EP [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 9

You know that Radio Raheem scene in Do The Right Thing? The one in which Love knocks out Hate? Far Out vs. Hot Dang is NOT like that at all. It's ALL love, people. Most of the time.

contrabassoon vs. contraforte
Who has the more intense Twitter feed, Fat Trel or Whitefolkz?

"There's a feeling of portent — [...]

WCP Tweets Artisphere So You Don’t Have To!

Tonight, some 3,000 people will descend upon a former monument to the newsgathering profession for purposes of arty debauchery. Put another way: The massive new Artisphere in the former Newseum in Rosslyn is celebrating its opening weekend, and tonight, the websites Brightest Young Things and the Pink Line Project are hosting a balloon-themed fete—called Burst, [...]

Can Andrew Wodzianski Make Himself at Home in his Corporate-Sponsored Residential-Art Piece?

On Andrew Wodzianski’s fifth day living in a storefront window at 1318 U Street NW, I ask the artist a question he finds difficult to answer: How does he feel about the real estate company sponsoring the exhibit placing limitations on what he can and cannot do there?
He pauses for a while, and then begins [...]