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Arts Roundup: App Concrete Edition

The National Mall by BLUEBRAIN. The First Location-Aware Album from BLUEBRAIN on Vimeo.
Brain Music: Local electronic duo Bluebrain created an album in app form for the iPhone earlier this year, and, per this video, it's finally coming out (tonight at midnight, that is). The app responds to where you're standing on the National Mall, and [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs For Your Academic Dinner Party

Tenure must be great–like a sweet oasis in a desert of university politics. Someday you'll get there, and you'll be able to let all your anti-social eccentricities hang out on full display. Until then, you've got to impress. Consider throwing a dinner party for some of the faculty. Food is a solid way to get [...]

A Grup Speaks Up: ‘I Like Vampire Weekend. It’s Something the Whole Family Enjoys’

As a follow-up to yesterday's computer-assisted investigative feature on D.C. grups (and their apparent reliance on Pitchfork), Washington City Paper decided to track down an actual grup and figure out what makes him tick. Matt Frost is married and lives in Virginia. He has a bunch of kids. Dismemberment Plan played a show in his basement once. [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Is Rikers Island the Mount Helicon of Hip-Hop?’ Edition

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Morning, readers.
*Above: Witness one of the more awkward moments in the annals of Chevy Chase. Or of Paul Simon. Or, more generally, of Caucasian afropop.
*Seeking to resurrect its hip-hop cred, the Washington Post hosts a poll. The question: Which currently incarcerated rapper will produce [...]