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Arts Roundup: The Crushing Tedium of Modern Life Edition

Bad Impressions: WaPo's Dan Zak looks into the troubled history of Susan J. Burns, the woman who attacked (but did not damage) a Gauguin painting at the National Gallery last week. Highlights: She assaulted a police officer in 2000 and went to jail for a year; in July 2002, she returned to a department store [...]

This Week in Repertory Film: The Elephant Man, Gauguin in Tahiti

Artisphere might be going through a financial rough patch, but perhaps its latest group of film screenings can shore things up a bit. The Rosslyn arts center begins a four-week David Lynch retrospective tonight with The Elephant Man, the 1981 biography of a deformed man held captive as the star of a Victorian freak show. The [...]

Arts Roundup: Three Days of Government-Funded Museums Left Edition

Dept. of "Water-Cooler Tomfoolery": City Paper art critics Kriston Capps, Jeffry Cudlin, and John Anderson are the greatest threats to fine art out there! At least that was the reaction of Los Angeles Times crank Christopher Knight to their satirical—satirical, Mr. Knight—post in response to the assault last week on Paul Gauguin's "Two Tahitian Women" [...]

Three Works at the National Gallery We’d Have Defaced Before Gauguin

Like any of the other art critics you've talked to this week, we recoiled at the news that a visitor had attempted to savage a painting by Paul Gauguin at the National Gallery of Art. Granted, Gauguin was not anyone's idea of a sweetheart. "Peripubescent" is the word sometimes used to describe the subjects of [...]

Arts Roundup: I’m Me, Times Three Edition

Weezy on the Streets of D.C.: The Maybach Music crew and/or Young Money Cash Money Billionaires (they're all pretty much the same, anyway) graced us with their presence this weekend. Did you catch a glimpse of Drizzy Drake, Rick Rozay, Nicki Minaj, or Wayne himself? TBD thoroughly tracked the venues in which the various performers [...]

Arts Roundup: This Is Evil Edition

G. Wayne's World: G. Wayne Clough testifies on Capitol Hill this week about the $861.5 million the President's budget allocates for the Smithsonian, and The New York Times has a profile of the institution's secretary which doubles as a pretty lengthy account of last fall's "Hide/Seek" debacle. According to the article, Clough met with Smithsonian [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Bruise Cruise, Fraser Gallery, Gauguin

This week, I've got the cover story with a freewheeling tale of indie rock on the high seas: In "A Supposedly Punk Thing I'll Never Do Again," I recount what, exactly, I learned on the Bruise Cruise. Bonus: a Bruise Cruise photo gallery from Darrow Montgomery.
Kriston Capps and Louis Jacobson lead the arts section with [...]