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Ballston’s Public-Art Docket: Disruption! Innovation! Apps Galore!

In today’s post-modern tech world, there are no new ideas. Start-ups are judged by the standards of what came before: It’s like Uber, but for gluten-intolerant babies! It’s like AirBnB mated with NextBus! It’s a Snapchat-Spotify swirlie!
While Ballston may be a few hoodies and several trillion dollars short of Silicon Valley, the brotastic Virginia outpost [...]

Patrick McDonough’s “brightveridiansentinelevents,” Reviewed

A user’s guide to "brightveridiansentinelevents," a new solo exhibit from Patrick McDonough, would be a tome. Among the topics it might include: a primer on seapunk, some literature about hempcrete, background on 3D printing, even a refresher on freecycling. Whether it would work as a key to McDonough’s artwork is a different question. His most [...]

ToDo ToDay: AlunaGeorge, Cheap Oysters, and New Shows at American University Museum

AlunaGeorge presented one of the year’s strongest debuts in Body Music, an album of blippy, futuristic pop tracks that’s as pleasing as it is forward-thinking. Body Music functions as an album of standalone singles, but that’s hardly a fault: Notable moments include the hazy swagger of “You Know You Like It,” and “Lost and Found,” which sounds [...]

ToDo ToDay: Photography, Painted Grass, and The Sweater Set

Encapsulating an entire nation’s photographic culture poses a challenge for “A Democracy of Images: The Smithsonian American Art Museum.” To its credit, the show includes worthwhile contributions from photographers who aren’t household names. Consider the circular, black-and-white image from Deborah Luster’s “Tooth for an Eye” series (shown), which documents the last views seen by the [...]

Pay Attention to These Artists at SuperNOVA

In this week's issue, artists and curators Sheldon Scott and Eames Armstrong talked to Washington City Paper about the recent explosion of performance art culminating in SuperNOVA, a sweeping performance art festival taking place in Rosslyn—of all places—this weekend. For the first time in recent D.C. memory, there's more performance than even the sternest fan [...]

The Body Stop: D.C.’s Once-Nonexistent Performance Art Scene Takes Off—in Rosslyn

Drop into any Brightest Young Things party or Pink Line Project event with a DJ, a food truck, and some graffiti, and there’s a good chance you’re going to see some performance art. Not, mind you, the Viennese Actionism of the late 1960s or the NEA Four of the early 1990s or Marina Abramović trying [...]

Emerging at (e)merge: Conor Backman

The (e)merge Art Fair is open and drawing some first responses. The Washington Post's Michael O'Sullivan calls the (e)merge Art Fair a "hot dog-eating contest": "After a while, you stop savoring each individual hot dog. You’re just trying to get as many in your mouth as you can without losing your lunch."
You can, in fact, [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Art of the Awning

In recent years, some of the largest, coolest endeavors by the Washington Project for the Arts haven’t taken place here but in Queens, N.Y., at the Socrates Sculpture Park. These residencies have been good news for D.C. artists like Dan Steinhilber, who’ve taken advantage of the park’s grassy expanse, scenic perch by the Hudson River, [...]

Reviewed: Terri Weifenbach, Trevor Young, and Patrick McDonough at Civilian Art Projects

Terri Weifenbach is a photographer who specializes in understated woodsy scenes; Trevor Young is a painter whose stark, moody works in oil focus on heavy infrastructure. Aside from being accomplished D.C. artists, they are not the most obvious pairing, but they are showing jointly at Civilian Art Projects. Weifenbach’s newest work continues her interest in [...]

DCCAH Announces Grantees for 2011

Last night the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities announced its 2011 grant recipients. It's a huge list–well over 100 individuals and organizations received grants across 16 different categories. The categories include: