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Sins of Admission: Why It’s a Problem When a Club Asks, “Who Are You Here to See?”

For a moment, on the first night he worked the door at the Velvet Lounge, Andrew Bucket thought he was staring death in the face. Her name was Allison Wolfe.
"I was excited to meet her, let alone work the show at all," he says of the Partyline singer, who helped found the riot-grrrl movement in [...]

Clip Job: Five Second Acts for Riot Grrrl Veterans

Partyline (2005-present): Fascination with the riot grrrl movement burned brightly and briefly, but the members of Bratmobile—which formed in 1991—kept making music, on and off, until 2002. Sort-of based in D.C., Partyline isn't the first other project for singer Allison Wolfe, but it's had the most staying power. The band's name sort of reminds me [...]

DC Punk 2008 Part 3: Allison Wolfe

Third in a series of 6, Allison Wolfe of Bratmobile presents: "Top Five Things in DC That Keep Me From Losin' My Mind!"
1. Girls Rock! DC!
As Sleater-Kinney ax-woman Carrie Brownstein so succinctly put it in her foreword to the recently published Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls book, “Everything at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp [...]