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Artisphere’s Half of “Party Crashers” Exhibit Opens Tomorrow

The second half of the two-part "Party Crashers" exhibit in Arlington opens tomorrow. The first part opened Nov. 19 at the Arlington Arts Center. The exhibit at the Terrace Gallery at the Artisphere, curated by Cynthia Connolly, features artists influenced by alternative comics and 'zines. The idea behind this part of the dual exhibit, according [...]

Tomorrow: “Party Crashers” and Comic Book Culture at Arlington Art Center

Party Crashers: Comic Book Culture Invades the Art World opens tomorrow night at the Arlington Arts Center. The exhibit is geographically split between the AAC and the new Artisphere in Rosslyn; it's also split thematically between alternative comic books at the AAC and fine art that's sort of related to comics at the Artisphere.
"I was [...]