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I Watched Paris Hilton DJ—Or Something Like That—at Echostage

I never thought I’d see Paris Hilton do anything live, let alone DJ. But curiosity sometimes makes us do crazy things, and I found myself among the EDM faithful at Echostage on Friday night, waiting for the hotel heiress-turned-turntablist to take the stage. The wait for Hilton to arrive was an extended one, leaving patrons ample time to [...]

ToDo ToDay: Three Men in a Boat, Protect-U, and Ashanti

Before the Lonely Island’s “I’m on a Boat” ruined everything, there was the 19th-century comic novel Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog). The plot goes like this: Three young men, suffering from a severe case of “overwork,” take a boating trip through the English countryside with their canine companion, Montmorency. Georgetown [...]

Paris Hilton—A Real DJ! We Swear!—Set to Play Echostage

If you’re into the D.C. club scene, we’ve got some exciting news for you: One of EDM’s hottest young stars, it seems, is set to play Echostage next month, and tickets went on sale today at noon. Is it Tiesto, you ask? Nope. Deadmau5? Not quite.
If you guessed Paris Hilton, ten points and a $500 [...]

Now on View: Scot Lefavor at the Fridge

Not to get all “Leave Britney alone!” on you, but Scot Lefavor’s 2008 painting Modern Day Role Models for Your Teenage Daughters picks an easy, albeit irresistible target. You’ll find America’s most damaged living celebrity parodied at some of her worst moments, from the crotch-flashing to the head-shaving. Britney, who is depicted in the work as [...]

Jay-Z’s War On Auto-Tune

Despite delayed release dates and his split from Def Jam, one upside to HOVA's much-anticipated Blueprint 3 (follow-up to Blueprints 1 and 2) is that the album promises to be free of Auto-Tune–the software responsible for T-Pain and Paris Hilton's musical careers. Kanye West, one of the album's many producers, told MTV News, "We actually [...]