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Paranormal Activity 2 Teaser

Doubtful it will be as good as the first, but here you go.
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Arts in Review: The Year in Film

Avatar is not on critic Tricia Olszewski's list of the best films of the year. Nor is much of the 2009's year-end Oscar bait. In terms of quality, Olszewski writes in our Arts in Review issue, it hasn't been a terribly joyful holiday season, but 2009 still contained plenty of films to get excited about. [...]

Tricia’s Takes: News and Notes from the World of Film!
Leo Tolstoy, the Oscars, and Rupert Everett’s weird advice

*'Tis the Season For Your Consideration: The Independent Spirit Awards announced its nominees, with the much-ballyhooed abused-teen drama Precious and yet-to-be-released Leo Tolstoy biopic The Last Station leading with five nods each. Joining them for the Best Picture contest is (500) Days of Summer, Amreeka, and Sin Nombre. It's not surprising that three of the [...]

The Paranormal Endings Spielberg Didn’t Want You to See [Spoilers!]

Spoilers. Spoilers spoilers spoilers!
You should mosey along to another post if you haven't yet seen Paranormal Activity — or could care less about how it ends.
But before Steven Spielberg scooped up Oren Peli's micro-budgeted chiller, he suggested an alternate ending, the relatively bloodless one that made its way to the final print. Now several Web [...]

In Theaters This Week: Paranormal Activity, Good Hair, A Serious Man, More

Paranormal Activity: The tagline for this Blair Witch-esque film about an evil presence in a young couple's home is "Don't see it alone," and that's no joke –unless you don't mind burying your head in the arm of a stranger. I haven't seen such terrifying images since The Polar Express.
A Serious Man: Thumbs are largely [...]

Reviewed: Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity
Directed by Oren Peli
Holy shit.
Disregard the gimmicky marketing of Paranormal Activity. Yes, it is a bit inspired, with Paramount releasing the film in only a handful of cities, shooting a trailer that captures an audience's reaction, and directing the unfortunate moviegoers who'd been left out to a Web site wherein they could “demand” it [...]

This Week in Film

Zombies, roller derby, schmaltz, and Michael Moore. Another avalanche of openings this weekend, and—shockingly—most of them are worth your while. Summer's officially over!
Zombieland: Think there are no more zombie-related stories or jokes to tell? So did I. Which is why this very entertaining film is such a surprise. Fun fact: Remember Woody Harrelson's tussle with [...]

Paranormal Activity Opening in D.C. on Demand

And by "demand" they mean "gimmick."
Last week, Paramount opened a low-budget, Blair Witch-esque film called Paranormal Activity in a handful of cities, testing the rest of the country's interest in seeing the movie by directing people to a Web site at which viewers could click a "Demand it!" button and enter their location.
Except when you [...]