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Pianist Alex Brown: Why the Jazz World Beats Classical

At the Kennedy Center's incandescent "Jazz Meets the Classics" concert on Monday, the Paquito D'Rivera quintet did a strong set of Latin takes on classical repertoire. Standing out in those arrangements was the band's 22-year-old piano player, Alex Brown, who switched back and forth between swing and conservatory stylings with such ease it was like [...]

DC Jazz Festival: Should We Get the Same Headliners Year After Year?

Every year, you hear some grumbling about one aspect of the DC Jazz Festival from the circle of local jazz snobs of which, for better or worse, I'm a member. The complaint? The festival's repetitive programming.
As regular festivalgoers surely have noticed, there's a small coterie of musicians who have headlined the festival over and over [...]

DC Jazz Festival: Latin Tinge

The DCJF has a habit of going out with a bang, and this year is no exception: Last night's world premiere of "The Latin Tinge of Jelly Roll Morton" at the Kennedy Center was probably the highlight of the entire festival this year. "The great Duke Ellington once said that 'Good arranging is like re-composing,'" [...]

DC Jazz Festival: The Closer

Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton was living in Washington in 1938, running a U Street club (in the building that now houses Ben's Next Door), when he was invited by Alan Lomax to record his reminiscences at the Library of Congress. Morton had a lot to say—over eight hours' worth—and not all of it was true, [...]

DC Jazz Festival: Moody’s Mystery

Where was Moody? That's the mystery.
Actually, the physical whereabouts of James Moody, 85, were well-known, even though the saxophonist/flutist wasn't present at the Lincoln Theatre last night for the NEA Jazz Masters' tribute to him. "James recently had a surgical procedure done," DCJF producer Charlie Fishman explained from the stage. "So unfortunately he couldn't be [...]

DC Jazz Festival: NEA Jazz Masters Concert

"This will be a taste of things to come," Charlie Fishman, the DC Jazz Festival's founder and producer, told the crowd of VIPs assembled at the Mandarin Oriental for last night's festival gala. He meant it literally. The lineup for the evening featured a group of musicians who will also appear tonight at the NEA [...]

Jazz Setlist, April 8-14: Paquito D’Rivera, Delfeayo Marsalis, and more

Thursday, April 8
If you didn't know, you might have guessed that Paquito D'Rivera was a protégé of the late Dizzy Gillespie. The Havana-born clarinetist, saxophonist, and composer is a practitioner of the Afro-Cuban jazz that Gillespie helped invent, but more to the point he's an onstage clown who can be as goofy brandishing his [...]

Latin and Brazilian Music Events This Weekend

For fans of  Latin and Brazilian sounds, Friday and Saturday nights offer a number of appealing choices.  Earlier in the week I highlighted the Monday appearance of Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Alexis y Fido, and now Friday brings another Puerto Rican reggaeton duo, Rakim y Ken-y (also known as  R.K.M. y Keny), who will be at El Boqueron [...]