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After “Anchorman: The Exhibit,” How Low Can D.C. Museums Go?

Last week, the struggling Newseum opened one of the more blatantly pandering exhibits in local museum history: a show dedicated to Anchorman, the 2004 Will Ferrell vehicle that's remained stubbornly fixed in the popular imagination, mostly for its litany of moronic one-liners (“I love lamp!”). Arriving just a month before the premiere of the movie’s [...]

Milbanksy Revealed! Sort of.

This summer, my colleagues and I noticed that D.C. street art seemed to be taking a turn for the hyperlocal. First there were decals and wheatpastes bearing the face of Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, apparently disseminated by someone called Milbanksy. Then there was the image of a panda and the imperative "RETURN," and a sticker with Thomas Jefferson's [...]

Meet a Local Comic Book Writer: A Chat with Rob Anderson

I met Rob Anderson at the local Capicons comic book convention earlier this month. He was selling preview copies of his Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit comic book about genetically modified stray animals. I've read the preview comic, and he's got a clever idea that I look forward to seeing more of. Rob's new to [...]

Arts Roundup: D.C. Has, Like, Zero Taste Edition

Today's roundup is late and short! Sorry, readers.
- I really like this page, which compares the stats of different cities. Unfortunately, either there's a bug or D.C. just does not listen to music. Could go either way! To judge by the nifty venn diagrams, Earth has only two truly international stars: Radiohead and Lady [...]