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Reviewed: Thomas Drymon and Julie Wolsztynski at Adah Rose Gallery

The two artists on view at Adah Rose Gallery both use cities as their source of inspiration, but their approaches couldn’t be more different. Thomas Drymon paints abstracted architectural forms in washed-out hues with thick, creamy strokes, often returning over and over again to the same canvas in order to capture subtle changes he sees [...]

Reviewed: “African American Art: Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Era, and Beyond”

“African American Art: Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Era, and Beyond” is proof that black artists not named Jacob Lawrence or Romare Bearden produced a ton of compelling 20th century art, even if they make it into our museums less frequently. The sprawling exhibit features 100 works by 43 artists—a generous mix of painters, sculptors, and [...]

Reviewed: “Washington Realism” at Carroll Square Gallery

“Washington Realism” bills itself, accurately, as an exhibit in which the artists ignore the “glitz and glam” of Washington’s political culture. One could also say that, to a large extent, it ignores Washington, D.C., itself. The 10 artists included in the exhibit were all D.C.-based, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that from the work on [...]

Reviewed: “Mementos” at the National Portrait Gallery

“Miniatures” sounds precious, in more ways than one, and most of the examples in “Mementos: Painted and Photographic Miniatures, 1750-1920” at the National Portrait Gallery fit that description closely—they’re tiny, elegantly crafted, and sentimental, particularly those with the soft edges of an oval format. They “were often made as mementos, love tokens, or memorials that [...]

Reviewed: “Snapshot” at the Phillips Collection

The Phillips Collection’s exhibition “Snapshot: Painters and Photography, Bonnard to Vuillard” has been in the works for a while, but its timing today couldn’t be more poignant. Just as Kodak is declaring bankruptcy, the exhibition reminds us how the invention of Kodak’s handheld camera in 1888 allowed late 19th century painters to harness the new [...]

Reviewed: David Myers and Elizabeth Holtry at Hillyer Art Space

Simultaneous exhibits at Hillyer Art Space—photographs by David Myers and paintings by Elizabeth Holtry—explore the relationship between animals and humans, for the most part fruitfully. Myers, whose day job is serving as CEO of the American Institutes for Research, a prominent scientific outfit in Washington, traveled to zoos and aquariums to photograph animals in their [...]

Reviewed: “Local Color” at Gallery Plan B

When most people visualize Washington, D.C., marble monuments come to mind. But in Gallery Plan B’s exhibit “Local Color”—a nine-artist show of paintings and photographs, all set in D.C.—the surprise icon is…Wonder Bread. Charlie Gaynor presents a bracing image of the façade of the old Wonder Bread factory at 641 S St. NW in Shaw, [...]

Reviewed: Christopher French at Marsha Mateyka Gallery

In his first solo exhibition at Marsha Mateyka Gallery in five years, Christopher French—a longtime figure in the D.C. art scene who’s now based on Long Island—offers pieces that are as much brain teasers as they are artworks. In one series, French uses repeated tilde-shaped forms in a wide array of hues. The shapes look [...]