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ToDo ToDay: Heckle Kevin Costner!

If you hated Waterworld—or if you loved Dances With Wolves!—stop by Strathmore Music Hall tonight, where you'll get a chance to heckle Kevin Costner while he performs with his twangy ensemble Modern West. (Just kidding—don't heckle Kevin Costner. He probably takes that kind of thing very seriously.) 8 p.m. at 5301 Tuckerman Lane, North Bethesda. $35-$90.
Miss School of Seven [...]

Allie Alvarado Plays Jimmy Fallon Tonight

Semi-big local music news: Allie Alvarado of D.C. synth-pop group Painted Face will perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight. She'll be on keyboards avec School of Seven Bells. Both Alvarado and School of Seven Bells are excitedly tweeting backstage photos. Thanks DCist for the tip.

Don’t Be Bored: The U.S. Treasury Building and Free Synth-Pop

Few buildings are more important than that of a government’s treasury. America’s version started out as a two-story brick building located directly southeast of the White House, housing around half of the federal workforce. An arsonist seeking to destroy incriminating pension records burned it down in 1833, and the government hosted a design competition for [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Choked to Death on Someone Else’s Vomit

Fans of This Is Spinal Tap will understand why today is Nigel Tufnel Day: 11/11/11 honors the lame-brained rocker who had his amp’s knobs specially made to go to 11, ostensibly giving him more sonic power than the ordinary scrubs whose volume maxed out at 10. The joke still works, even if today’s music fans don’t [...]

The Going Out (for the Last Time) Guide

Hey everybody! Big news here! The world is going to end on Saturday! Here's the completely unoriginal and not funny yet obligatory R.E.M. reference: I sure do feel fine!
Sooner or later some fringe religious guy is going to be right. It won't be because he (these people are usually male) actually saw the future because [...]

Music in Review: The Best Local Songs of 2010, According to Fischer

Here's my most tragic music story of 2010: My external harddrive, containing a huge chunk of my music collection, died a few weeks ago, or so it seems. So it's possible I'm omitting a song or two from this list of my favorite local songs of the year. That's my story and I'm sticking to [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: “Color-Conscious” Casting, Harry Potter, and Painted Face

Erin Petty leads off the arts section this week with a look at recent D.C. plays that have subverted audiences' expectations via the race of their principal actors. She asks: Is this stunt-casting, or, to use the theater world's term, merely "nontraditional?" Christina Lee talks to until-recently-local author Doreen Baingana about a travelogue she's currently [...]

Tonight: Painted Face and Alvin Risk at U Street Music Hall

You'll learn more about her in next week's One Track Mind column, but I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you to catch D.C.'s Painted Face tonight at U Street Music Hall, where's she opening for another recent One Track Mind subject, Alvin Risk. Oh yeah, also: They're siblings and collaborators. For Painted Face, Allie Alvarado [...]