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ToDo ToDay: New York City Ballet, KRS-One, and Dream Theater

In recent seasons, Dancing with the Stars has attempted to up its credibility by inviting members of the New York City Ballet to perform live in a sparkly, televised spectacle. When the troupe visits the Kennedy Center, however, they’ll forgo the sequins and focus on gems of a different sort. Dancers will honor the legacy of City [...]

ToDo ToDay: AlunaGeorge, Cheap Oysters, and New Shows at American University Museum

AlunaGeorge presented one of the year’s strongest debuts in Body Music, an album of blippy, futuristic pop tracks that’s as pleasing as it is forward-thinking. Body Music functions as an album of standalone singles, but that’s hardly a fault: Notable moments include the hazy swagger of “You Know You Like It,” and “Lost and Found,” which sounds [...]

ToDo ToDay: Bootleg Shakespeare! Mary Christ Farewell Performance!

Part of what makes the Capital Fringe Festival so exciting is the fast pace at which some of its productions develop. This year’s festival just wrapped, but Taffety Punk Theatre Company won’t let the zany die: Today, the scrappy troupe unveils another installment in its Bootleg Shakespeare series. This year Taffety has picked the Bard’s Love’s [...]

ToDo ToDay: Donavon Frankenreiter! Bombadil!

Mustache aficionado and generally chill dude Donavon Frankenreiter comes from the Jack Johnson school of surfers who play guitar and preach eternal love. And unlike Johnson, his sun-drenched whimsy rarely feels dumbed down and creepily whispered into your ears. If you’re looking for ditties that sound equally mellow and less earwormy than “Bubble Toes,” Frankenreiter [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Over, Under, Next” at Hirshhorn and Cheap Oysters

When collage is first explained in art classes, it seems so simple. But the examples of assemblage and collage featured in “Over, Under, Next,” now on display at the Hirshhorn, are way more ambitious and involve many more materials than paper and glue sticks. Just look at Joseph Cornell’s tiny “Medici Princess” (shown) or Ann [...]