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Zach Barocas’ Bells≥ Makes Its D.C. Debut

Bells≥ is not what you think. Headed up by drummer Zach Barocas, who spent the mid-'90s holding Jawbox together with a peculiar style and intimidating precision, the quartet plays extended, intricate instrumental jams. Bells≥ also features Adam Riser, formerly the bassist of Oxford Collapse, and zero vocalists. The expansive songs on the band's self-released EP, There Are Crashes, [...]

Oxford Collapse Get Up and Do It Some More

Four full-length records in about four years ... don't America's indie rockers have TVs anymore?

But it's clear that Oxford Collapse are having too much fun not to be churning out their raucous, sing-along pop tunes on automatic. The Brooklyn-based art pop trio are best known for keeping alive the poignant embers of guitar-driven '80s [...]