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Arts Roundup: Frederick Douglass Edition

The House approves the Frederick Douglass statue for the U.S. Capitol [Post]
Shakespeare Theatre announces more free programming [Post]
Isn't Owl City so cute for putting Abraham Lincoln on the guest list to his show last night? Because it's D.C.! Ha ha ha ha! [DCist]
Michael O'Sullivan says: Go to these gallery shows this fall! [Post]
ICYMI: Fairfax is getting [...]

Pitchfork Shoots Barrelled Fish W/Elephant Gun

The only time a piece of music writing is better than the music being written about is when the music being written about sucks.
This is the case with electronica band Owl City, which makes soulless music. Pitchfork, perhaps in an effort to seem current or some shit, reviewed "Fireflies," the title track from Owl City's [...]