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ToDo ToDay: “War/Photography” at the Corcoran and The Nine Lives of Marion Barry

The Corcoran Gallery of Art’s sprawling exhibit, "War/Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath," covers everything from training to combat to the often grisly aftermath of battle, surveying a vast array of conflicts. There’s plenty of action on display—like Robert Capa’s blurred, almost hallucinatory vignette from the storming of Normandy. But the exhibit offers [...]

A Guide to Outdoor Movies in the D.C. Area

Even if the weather's been screaming summer for a while, Memorial Day tells us the season's arrival is official. Summer in D.C. means a slower pace, a seemingly infinite reservoir of scandals, and swarms of godforsaken mosquitoes and interns. But more important, summer means movies: In theaters, at home, and on iPhones, Washingtonians escape the [...]