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Crazy Hearts: Justin Townes Earle and Joe Pug @ Birchmere on Sunday

The Hurt Locker, Jeff Bridges, Sandra Bullock, Christopher Waltz, Mo’Nique.
There, I just freed up your Sunday night. Wanna go see some excellent music instead?
Actually, if Bridges gets any Oscar love, it bodes well for the status of the guitar-toting troubadour in America’s cultural mythology—and, perhaps, for the prospects of Joe Pug and Justin Townes Earle. [...]

This Week in Film: Cop Out and Terribly Happy

The Kevin Smith-helmed Cop Out and Oscar-nominated Terribly Happy both have police officers as their central characters, deal with romantic troubles, and, unfortunately, miss the mark.
Tracy Morgan's lovable and bumbling shtick that's worked for him so well on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock is a wrong fit for Cop Out. Though Bruce Willis hasn't [...]

Arts Roundup: Oscar Speeches and Charlie Sheen Routine Edition

*Variety reports that the late Jeff Buckley's songs are being worked into a rock-musical version of Romeo and Juliet called The Last Goodbye, set to hit theaters later this year. No word yet on whether the little-known, sparsely covered "Hallelujah" will make an appearance.
*In preparation for the forthcoming Academy Awards, Total Film posts the top [...]

Pre-Pretension Pasts: A Look at Oscar Noms before the Big Nod

With the Academy Awards coming up in the next few weeks, the entertainment world is abuzz with who deserves what. And because of this year's expanded best-picture category, there are even more actors and films to fawn over.
Unfortunately, along with Oscar nominations comes the usual pretentiousness—"If you haven't seen An Education, then you're missing out [...]

Arts Roundup: Oscar Nom Reactions; Lady Gaga Devotion; We Are The World…Again

*Audiences, actors and City Paper have already questioned yesterday's Oscar picks. (Even Best Supporting Actress nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal was shocked by her nomination.) It seems to be one of the few ceremonies this year that isn't a direct repeat of another—the Screen Actors Guild awards were the Golden Globes, part two.  District 9's Best Picture [...]

(Retro) Oscar Nominees Tuesday: Overlistening to That Song from Juno

If you're looking for some commentary on the Academy Awards nominations today, Arts Desk has your back. Our film critic, Tricia Olszewski, had a little to say about the surprises (few) and all the Best Picture nominees under the new Academy rules (many). But I want to kick it slightly old-school, and talk about a [...]

Arts Roundup: Oscar Noms; Sundance Shrinkage; Ann Powers

Morning, readers.
*Today: Oscar nominations! They're in. Like as not, we'll have a spot of blog commentary from Tricia Olszewski, who's filing dispatches from sunny SoCal. They say it's 70 out there this a.m.; Tricia should maybe bring her editor along next time. just informed me that she canceled her L.A. trip and is, in fact, [...]

Oscar Acceptance Speeches, Discussed

In which the author comments on the subtle joy born of watching Oscar acceptance speeches of years-gone-by.
Maybe it's the swelling strings. Maybe it's some instinctual fellow-feeling. Maybe it's the reflected glow cast when someone else achieves a dream, even if —especially if—that dream is a dream you don't share, or the person achieving it is, [...]