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Jazz Setlist, October 3-9: No Shutdown in Swingtown

Not yet, anyway.
Friday, Oct. 4
You often hear jazz described as "laid back." But so many of its greatest practitioners could never be described that way. Does Coleman Hawkins sound laid back? John Coltrane? Sonny Rollins? Of course not. And neither does Tedd Baker, the lead tenor saxophonist in the U.S. Air Force's Airmen of Note. [...]

Jazz Setlist, April 12-18: JAM Jams

That's right, Washington, it's Jazz Appreciation Month! Now get out there and appreciate some jazz!
Thursday, April 12
The first thing you'll likely notice about Hiromi Uehara, who goes by just her first name when performing, is that she upends the ongoing jazz-dress-code debate. But if you're doing it right—you know, listening—the second thing you'll notice is [...]

Your Weekend in Experimental Music: Chinese Underground, Improv Blowout at Bossa

Tonight at the Velvet Lounge. a rare opportunity to catch two artists active in the Beijing underground experimental music scene: P.K. 14 and Xiao He. Active since 1997, though with only one original member in the current lineup, P.K. 14 is one of the most influential bands in that scene and plays an energetic brand [...]