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DC Jazz Festival: What to See Tonight and Saturday

For proof that the DC Jazz Festival is rapidly and thoroughly diversifying, look no further than the presence of guitarist Kenny Wessel on the bill. How many past renditions of the festival have included a onetime member of Ornette Coleman's revolutionary Prime Time ensemble?
But then, the fest has always been interested in a one-world approach [...]

RIP Steve Reid: 1944-2010

Steve Reid, a New York-based drummer who moved through several forms of African-American music while rarely straying from the cutting edge, died this morning in New York at 66 years old. The cause of death has not been reported.
Reid's professional career began at 16 as the house drummer of Harlem's Apollo Theater, with his [...]

Introducing Sarah Hughes

Arts Desk tends to avoid concert reviews. Most concerts are one-shot deals, and there's little use in recommending or not recommending something that's already happened. But at times there are exceptions, such as when a talented young jazz musician performs for the first time as a leader—as did Sarah Hughes on Wednesday night at Utopia [...]