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Photos: Zevious @ Orion Sound Studios

Zevious and Seabrook Power Plant were a perfect pair at Baltimore's Orion Sound Studios on Saturday night, each bringing a viciously complex brand of mathy rock to the table. Zevious' compositions stood out, building enormous tension and proving to be much more than just an exercise in counting out weird rhythms. Seabrook Power Plant was [...]

Your Weekend in Experimental Music: Zevious, Boom Tic Boom

Tomorrow: Although the guitar trio Zevious started off as a jazz combo, it quickly spiced up its compositions with strong hints of math rock, complex prog, and even a touch of technical metal. The group recently released its latest album, After the Air Raid, on Cuneiform Records, a perfect fit if there ever was one. [...]

Your Weekend in Experimental Music: Futterman/Levin Duo, Cheer-Accident

The experimental music fan has two very different but equally appealing avant-garde music options this weekend.
On Saturday, hop over to Twins Jazz for a free-jazz concert the likes of which the District doesn't get enough these days, as pianist Joel Futterman and reedist Ike Levin duo it up. Futterman played Twins Jazz a couple years [...]

Three Chances to See Mexico’s Cabezas de Cera

Fresh off a well-reviewed performance at NEARfest, the most prestigious progressive rock festival in the United States (don't laugh), Mexican instrumental trio Cabezas de Cera are playing two dates this week in D.C. plus one in Baltimore. Cabezas de Cera aren't your typical bombastic prog band; rather, they combine folk, prog, free improv and a [...]

Crazy Awesome Weekend Ahead

Apparently I picked the worst time possible to take a long weekend and skip town, because for the experimental jazz/rock fan there is something awesome happening every night for the next four nights. Check it out:

Thursday, April 16: Composer/arranger Ed Palermo will be conducting the U.S. Army Blues ensemble in a program comprised entirely of [...]