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Friday: Jonathan Franzen Reads Freedom so You Don’t Have To

Church on a Friday night? If it's the National Cathedral this week, the sermon will be given by Jonathan Franzen, who will read from his tales of the not-quite-Job-like Berglund family.
Put secularly, Franzen, the chronicler of American middle-class epics, will read from and discuss Freedom—aka the most important novel ever—at a PEN/Faulkner lecture in the nave of the expansive [...]

Arts Roundup: Supply and Demand Edition

Good morning, D.C.! Yesterday's big news was suspiciously similar to last Monday's big news: Dismemberment Plan tickets went on sale! Again! This no doubt pleased those who missed the three-minute availability window last Friday. It especially pleased policy wonk Matt Yglesias, who feels that something needs to be done about the way indie rock shows [...]

Knee-Jerk Reaction: Oprah Winfrey is the Most Annoying of the 2010 Kennedy Center Honorees

And that includes Paul McCartney, who is also kind of grating when he gets behind a podium, but at least you know why you know who he is: He's a genius songwriter. You could argue that the Beatle who wrote "Obli-Di, Obla-Da" and later "Silly Love Songs" a) wrote "Obli-Di, Obla-Da" and later "Silly Love [...]