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Don’t Be Bored: Russian Barons and Italian Punx

A Russian billionaire! Money laundering! Oil squandering! A nation hung up on Soviet-era political power games! Khodorkovsky is German director Cyril Tuschi’s largely flattering account of Mikhail Khodorkovsky—once the richest oligarch in Russia, but now just a guy who’s done time in Siberian and Finnish work camps. Khodorkovsky’s crimes? Fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, and oil [...]

Weekend Picks: Howlies, Oneida

Whether the world needs another garage-rock band is debatable, but Atlanta’s Howlies manage to pick some meat from a pretty dry bone. Deploying a spitfire rhythm section and wall o’ jangle, the quartet wildly careens through tunes that sound like a juvie-hall sock hop. It’s increasingly difficult for skinny boys with guitars to make three-minute [...]