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One Track Mind: Harness Flux’s “Slide to Unlock”

Ringing guitar and simple percussion is reminiscent of early Sonic Youth.

One Track Mind: Kenn Starr’s Marvin Gaye-Inspired “Farewell”

"It’s probably the most transparent record I’ve done, period.”

One Track Mind: Phantomweight’s “Talk Me Down”

"I had a kid, our bass player got married, our drummer left to pursue another project and then returned, our trombonist started grad school, and we added a sax player."

One Track Mind: Atlas At Last’s “Compassion”

Standout Track: No. 3, the slow-crawling “Compassion” from Atlas At Last’s new A Composition Of Functions EP. The College Park hardcore three-piece's music may dwell in aggressive, sludgy places, but “Compassion” is built around a series of gorgeous, stripped-down melodic passages that inject the track with a sense of bleeding-heart urgency. “And do you remember the [...]

One Track Mind: Sun Machines’ “Arms and Legs”

"Arms and legs/Wrapped around my foolish head"

One Track Mind: Stranger in the Alps’ “Black Box”

“We live in a time when communication is part of the atmosphere. So, the prospect of being unable to communicate is more terrifying than ever.”

One Track Mind: The Effects’ “Blister”

Loud and rollicking, the song lives up to its title.

One Track Mind: “Cairo” by Paperhaus

A musical history of a Dupont condo complex.

One Track Mind: Furniteur’s “Secret Plans”

A marriage of vintage dance and wistful synthpop, closer to dark minimal wave than Donna Summers.

One Track Mind: Andrew Aylward’s “Self Destruct”

Standout Track: A song from Chevy Chase bedroom-pop artist Andrew Aylward’s as-yet-untitled debut release, “Self Destruct” is a hazy, lo-fi nugget that could have easily been written by Kurt Vile. Like Vile’s standout 2011 record Smoke Ring for My Halo, it’s as lethargic and repetitious as a Monday-morning routine. “So I’ll take you where the [...]