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One Track Mind: Furniteur’s “Secret Plans”

A marriage of vintage dance and wistful synthpop, closer to dark minimal wave than Donna Summers.

One Track Mind: Andrew Aylward’s “Self Destruct”

Standout Track: A song from Chevy Chase bedroom-pop artist Andrew Aylward’s as-yet-untitled debut release, “Self Destruct” is a hazy, lo-fi nugget that could have easily been written by Kurt Vile. Like Vile’s standout 2011 record Smoke Ring for My Halo, it’s as lethargic and repetitious as a Monday-morning routine. “So I’ll take you where the [...]

One Track Mind: Jen Miller’s “Edinburgh”

Standout Track: No. 3, “Edinburgh,” from 22-year-old Rosslyn-based singer/songwriter Jen Miller’s debut LP, Overgrown, which dropped last month. With its wistful, folksy feel and dreamy, reverb-tinged guitars, the song’s sparse accompaniment accents soulful vocals that recall the sultry tones of PHOX’s Monica Martin.
Musical Motivation: Miller spent her junior year in college interning for the Scottish [...]

One Track Mind: Canine Teeth’s “Shape Up”

Standout Track: No. 2, “Shape Up,” Canine Teeth's brief, dark exploration of a romantic relationship at a turning point. A twinge of insanity is audible in the first half of the song, which fits spoken-sung vocals into echoes of Massive Attack’s brooding trip-hop template. The second leg erupts into distortion, frying R&B-flavored lines like “I’m [...]

One Track Mind: Me and Karen’s “Pink Guilt”

Standout Track: No. 4, “Pink Guilt,” a textured mix of throbbing synths and spiky guitar riffs from U Street/Petworth-based electronic duo Me and Karen’s debut EP by the same name. The pair—Michael Bartlett and Karen Foote—began collaborating a decade ago while attending the University of Mary Washington, but they didn’t broadcast their layered electro-pop until [...]

One Track Mind: Mark Meadows’ “Once Upon a Purple Night”

Standout Track: No. 5, “Once Upon a Purple Night,” a gentle jazz waltz led by the wordless vocals of Christie Dashiell on Mark Meadows' Somethin' Good. At least, it starts out as a gentle jazz waltz. But after melodic, one-chorus solos by vibraphonist Warren Wolf, alto saxophonist Brent Birckhead, and pianist Meadows (and a restatement [...]

One Track Mind: Seán Barna’s “Come at Me Gently”

Standout Track: No. 2, “Come at Me Gently,” from Petworth singer/songwriter Seán Barna’s upcoming EP, Cutter Street. It’s his first release as a solo artist after drumming stints in a handful of bands (including D.C.’s the Droids We’re Looking For) and the national Broadway tour of The Producers. A strummy ode of love and loss—plus [...]

One Track Mind: Song Premiere, Muhsinah’s “Cut Off”

Standout Track: No. 2, “Cut Off,” a high-spirited, electronic number from Muhsinah’s new EP, M, out July 29. It’s buffered by faint wails, a moderate tempo, and looped, primal-sounding backing vocals. From there, Muhsinah brightens the scant melody with a rousing soprano that bolsters the song’s lovelorn premise. “I love you but I’ll never call, [...]

One Track Mind: The Sea Life’s “Prozac & Merlot”

Standout Track: The gritty, reverb-heavy “Prozac & Merlot” is a standalone single that the Sea Life, a D.C.-by-way-of-Montgomery County indie-pop band, drops today to generate attention while it wraps up a U.S. tour and gets ready for some new releases later this year. As the title implies, it’s about medication, both prescribed and self-administered. Bass [...]

One Track Mind: The Far EXP, “For You/Love It”

Standout Track: No. 11, “For You/Love It,” a thematic two-part posse cut from D.C. rap collective the Far EXP’s new album, The Expansion. On the first half, using a folksy instrumental from Kev Brown, the track’s producer, the crew members ponder their reasons for rhyming. Local moombahton pioneer Dave Nada gets a shoutout, and rapper [...]