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Janka Nabay’s Olympic Anthem

D.C.-based Sierra Leonean vocalist Janka Nabay, who will appear with his band the Bubu Gang at the Kennedy Center tonight, shows his Olympics spirit and homeland pride in a new song and video called “Nar London.”
Joined by Brooklyn-based Sierra Leonean rapper Pupa Bajah, Nabay pays tribute to one of Sierra Leone’s two 2012 Olympic participants, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Carolyn Malachi, The Olympics

D.C. singer Carolyn Malachi has made long strides in a relatively short time. Her debut album, Revenge of the Smart Chicks, was self-released in 2008; by 2010, her song “Orion,” which detailed a complicated romance between a mermaid and astronaut, was nominated for a Grammy. Tonight, Malachi headlines a benefit show tonight to aid independent artists [...]

Arts Roundup: Weird Olympic Torches Edition

Hello! I'm glad I have DVR! Because it took me three days to soldier through the Olympics' opening ceremony. It was OK; glad Donald Sutherland was on board! Sadly absent: My favorite Vancouverite, Dan Bejar. For kicks, here's what the Destroyer singer had to say about the Vancouver games in 2008:
Well, it tends to change [...]