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ToDo ToDay: Robyn + Röyksopp, Shabazz Palaces, and the Cowards Choir

Robyn is that rare pop star whose comeback actually eclipsed her debut. In 1997, the Swede who launched a million bleached-blonde asymmetrical haircuts got major radio play with Robyn Is Here, a feel-good collection of midtempo, R&B-tinged pop jams like “Do You Know (What It Takes),” a coquettish roller-rink classic. But after nearly a decade of [...]

ToDo ToDay: Olivia Mancini! Pleasure Curses! Luray!

I’m not saying that it’s not an honor to open for Matthew Sweet. “Girlfriend,” the title track and breakout hit from his 1991 album, delighted a generation of pop fans with its singalong chorus and promise of accessibility—a chocolate-coating over the nougat of alternative rock. But when it’s Olivia Mancini opening for Sweet—and at the [...]

Olivia Mancini’s Future: Part-Time Social Worker, Full-Time Musician

When local indie-pop singer Olivia Mancini decamped to New York last fall, it seemed as if D.C. had lost yet another artist to that giant creativity magnet to the north. Not so, says Mancini, who is playing at the Black Cat on Friday with her band, The Mates. She swears she is just there to [...]

Arts Roundup: Scene Not Heard Edition

The Guardian asks a question that followers of indie rock in D.C. should think on: Has the Internet killed local music scenes? Hazel Sheffield writes:

The idea of the local scene has always been an attractive prospect, playing on tribal mentalities and a very human desire for order. It has helped define emerging music, and in [...]

Clip Job: Five Songs About Books

To judge by their tightly wound, country-tinged pop songs, Olivia Mancini and the Mates aren't shorting their craft. But even the most polished band needs its R&R, and this local act—featuring two former members of Washington Social Club—loves to curl up with a good book. That's the impression, at least, left by "Graphology," a rollicking gem [...]