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ToDo ToDay: Of Montreal, Father John Misty, and Foul Swoops

It’s easy to forget that Kevin Barnes, Of Montreal’s enigmatic leader, was once a twee-pop maestro. The group’s new album, Lousy with Sylvianbriar, harkens sweetly back to the days of Cherry Peel and The Gay Parade, reemphasizing, for the first time in at least 10 years, simple guitars over glittery synths. It’ll be interesting to see how the change [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang: Vol. 5

Your favorite weekly assemblage of D.C. cultural noise cannot be diminished. Put down all those fall previews and dwell in the now, baby, because if you sleep on Far Out vs. Hot Dang, you're snoozin' on life. On the left, as usual, are the mind-bogglers and the head-scratchers—as well as the sweet epiphanies and fond [...]

Photos: Of Montreal and Janelle Monae at 9:30 Club

Janelle Monae brought her monochromatic stage apparel and hypersonic funk-pop-soul musical concoction to the 9:30 Club stage as the opener for Of Montreal Monday evening, the first of their sold out two-night stay—and promptly stole the evening before Of Montreal even hit the stage. Monae seemed to know in advance that she would...I mean, what [...]

Arts Roundup: We Wouldn’t Have Conceded So Early Edition

OK, everyone be cool a minute! Before you all turn into a bunch of glass-eyed Mark Halperin-esque Wednesday morning quarterbacks, read this Arts Roundup!
It wasn't enough to save his mayoralty, but Adrian Fenty enlisted Anwan "Big G" Glover, aka Slim Charles, persuade late-deciding voters. And there was plenty of go-go playing last night at Adrian Fenty's headquarters [...]

Arts Roundup: Leno Is Moving, Vampire Weekend Is Brooding Edition

Good morning! Looks like Jay Leno's moving back to 11:35 p.m.—possibly in a half-hour show. What does that means for Conan O'Brien, Leno's Tonight Show replacement? Who knows? But O'Brien can't possibly be happy.
- Local rapper Don Juan is live—right now.
- The Smithsonian had 30 million visits in 2009, the Washington Post reports.
- City Paper contributor [...]

New Of Montreal Song: Like Flight of the Conchords, But On Acid

"Smoke hood! M'lion! Female erection! You fetishize the archetype!"
Of Montreal's new song, charmingly called "Teenage Unicorn Fisting," is ripe with shrill non sequiturs. With its catchy bass-driven acoustic riff, talking breaks, two-part harmonies, and abrupt leaps into almost-parodic falsetto, it sounds like the sort of song Flight of the Conchords might compose if they went [...]

Leakproof: Lil Wayne, Of Montreal, Blues Control, Theophilus London

A weekly roundup of unreleased songs, new singles, and assorted musical detritus as it trickles out to the Web.
Lil Wayne: "Prom Queen"
Ignore the braggadocio and oblique verse of Tha Carter III: Turns out that Lil Wayne is neither thug nor playful screwball. No, deep inside Wayne's thoroughly inked breast beats the heart of a teenage [...]