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This Week in WCP Arts: Riot Act, Mike Daisey, and Plays About Occupy Wall Street

Chris Heller leads this week's arts section with a look at the ugly legal battle brewing between the owners of the former Riot Act Comedy Theater, which reopened as the game-centric Penn Social this month. Chris Klimek looks at the handful of shows at this year's Capital Fringe Festival that deal with the Occupy Wall [...]

Singers of the World, Unite: D.C. Labor Chorus Performs Saturday

The D.C. Labor Chorus has been known to sing in foreign languages, and this year’s annual “Evening of Favorite and Sacred Songs” is no different. Last December, the group—an affiliate of the Labor Heritage Foundation, whose mission is to strengthen the labor movement through music and the arts—sang the famous socialist, communist, and anarchist anthem [...]

Occupy D.C.: The District’s Newest DIY Space?

The stakes got a lot higher for Occupy Wall Street protests around the country this week, but in D.C., the protesters encamped in McPherson Square have basically been left to their own devices by the authorities. It didn't take long for Occupy D.C., now well into its second month, to develop its own infrastructure, folkways, [...]

Let Me Get This Straight, “Arlington Rap” Dude…

Fairly or unfairly, the Occupy Wall Street protests that have spread to urban centers around the country have taken plenty of heat for the vagueness of their message. Now a familiar local satirist has added his voice to the call for coherence: Comedian Remy Munasifi, best known for his "Arlington rap" video, posted up at [...]

Why Riot-Grrrl Author Sara Marcus Digs Occupy Wall Street

Almost 20 years after it began, it seems like short-lived '90s phenomenon riot grrrl is making a comeback. Girls swap zines and feminist ideology via Etsy and Tumblr; fashion prodigy Tavi Gevinson recently launched the teenage-girl-geared website Rookie, where she posts themed mixes and drops tips on how to get over girl hate; hundreds of people [...]