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Take It to the Bridge, Week 9: Occupy

In each of the last nine weeks you could say that artists have occupied the Corcoran. Well, at least they've occupied the bridge over its entryway. With that in mind, for the final installment of "Take It to the Bridge," dancer Maida Withers aims to perform a work inspired by the Occupy movement. For her [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Riot Act, Mike Daisey, and Plays About Occupy Wall Street

Chris Heller leads this week's arts section with a look at the ugly legal battle brewing between the owners of the former Riot Act Comedy Theater, which reopened as the game-centric Penn Social this month. Chris Klimek looks at the handful of shows at this year's Capital Fringe Festival that deal with the Occupy Wall [...]

Arts Roundup: LivingSocial Edition

Can throwing a big, cool party in Anacostia change the neighborhood's reputation? [DCentric]
A report from the Helen Hayes Awards after party [Post]
Way to let down the Occupy movement, Danny Glover. [Examiner]
Chuck Brown cancels more shows [DCist]
A software firm CTO questions whether LivingSocial really deserves D.C. tax breaks. [Greater Greater Washington]
Meanwhile, LivingSocial's SocialStudiesDC blog goes bye-bye. [...]

Occupy D.C.’s Portable Art Gallery

The U.S. Park Police make it hard to be a punk.
A guerrilla gallery of Occupy D.C. art assembled by Vestibule D.C. in McPherson Square got the official go-ahead from police following an exchange too brief for the word "standoff."
Vestibule organizers Josef Palermo, Joseph Orzal, and Adrian Parsons showed up shortly after noon on Friday with [...]

Dead Prez at Occupy D.C.: Late But Essential

After a predictable delay that surely bummed out hip-hop nerds on their lunch breaks, M-1 and of Dead Prez converged in a makeshift Occupy D.C. tent in the middle of McPherson Square today and performed for crunk homeless men, shoeless hippies, earnest fans, and a dude in a V For Vendetta mask. The concert was barely audible beyond [...]

Dead Prez and Head-Roc Perform at Occupy D.C. Today

Last night, Occupy D.C. organizers announced that Dead Prez and D.C.'s own Head-Roc will play a free concert today from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in McPherson Square. While the performance is part of an anti-Walmart rally, don't be surprised if the musicians let fly some of their feelings about Occupy D.C. In an op-ed at the Huffington [...]

Thievery Corporation Loves Democracy

In case you didn't get the memo, Thievery Corporation is down with the people.
The latest single from U Street NW restauranteur/nightlife don Eric Hilton's lyte-funk ensemble is called "Unified Tribes," and it self-awards Thievery Corporation yet another badge of authenticity, this time derived from the Occupy movement. The accompanying video shows agile MC Mr. Lif maneuvering between tents in McPherson [...]

Singers of the World, Unite: D.C. Labor Chorus Performs Saturday

The D.C. Labor Chorus has been known to sing in foreign languages, and this year’s annual “Evening of Favorite and Sacred Songs” is no different. Last December, the group—an affiliate of the Labor Heritage Foundation, whose mission is to strengthen the labor movement through music and the arts—sang the famous socialist, communist, and anarchist anthem [...]

Agnes Bolt Occupies Occupy D.C.

Maybe you missed Agnes Bolt's week-long live-in performance project at the home of arts maven Philippa Hughes. And perhaps you skipped "Dealing," the artist's surprising solo show that just closed at Project 4 Gallery and featured artifacts from the Hughes encampment and another of Bolt's impositions on our city's poor art collectors. No matter. You [...]

Occupy D.C.: The District’s Newest DIY Space?

The stakes got a lot higher for Occupy Wall Street protests around the country this week, but in D.C., the protesters encamped in McPherson Square have basically been left to their own devices by the authorities. It didn't take long for Occupy D.C., now well into its second month, to develop its own infrastructure, folkways, [...]