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Obii Say Doesn’t Call His Dad, Just Wants Some Head in “The Zoo”

Obii Say's last two songs were brooding and meticulous. "Plastic" chronicled a young man "10 years before he becomes a killer." "Whose World?", and its murky video, laid out the rapper's internal strife over AB The Pro's jazzy piano loop.
On "The Zoo," also produced by AB, Obii is still reflective, though he's far more abrasive when [...]

Watch: Obii Say, “Whose World?”

Rapper Obii Say's output has been spotty in recent years—not surprising, since he comes off as introspective and close-guarded. But when he drops something new, it's usually a worthwhile listen. On his 2011 mixtape, Donuts for the Villagers, Obii spit bars over a few J Dilla instrumentals. His 2012 single, "Plastic," was a foreshadowing gem [...]

DMV Beats: Topdolla Sweizy, Obii Say, S.O.S., Damien, Redhead

Ciroc Bottom
Initially, Topdolla Sweizy is an off-putting presence on the mic. He belts trivialities about finance and Donald Trump, and pushes every high-roller cliché as far as it can go. But on “Too Much," from his new Bottles and Bitches mixtape, he screams about Molly, Ciroc, and Patron, loses the façade, and delivers the tape's [...]

Hungry? Obii Say Has Free Donuts

I normally shrug at rappers who take well-known beats from an iconic producer only to rhyme over them and call it a tribute. Except local alternative MC Obii Say sounds natural over J-Dilla's recognizable blend of percussive boom bap, injecting the instrumentals with some light-hearted anecdotes and formidable wordplay.
Uploaded Tuesday night, Obii's Donuts for the Villagers [...]