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One Track Mind: Father’s Children, Love & Life Stories

Standout Track: No. 4, “Unspoken,” from Love & Life Stories, the first studio album from veteran soul group Father's Children since 2007. The ensemble’s two remaining original members, Brandywine, Md., resident Ted (also known as Hakeem) Carpenter and the Bowie-based Qaadir Sumler, penned the melancholy slow-burner, about a man’s longing for an old flame who [...]

Vinyl Destination: Bob Brown Left the Folk Scene Decades Ago, But His Old Records Might Beckon Him Back

On a Saturday afternoon in February, a middle-aged man walked into Adams Morgan’s Red Onion Records with his three kids. He asked owner Joshua Harkavy if the shop carried any albums by Bob Brown, a D.C. folk musician from the 1970s. Harkavy happened to have one in stock. He grabbed a mint-condition copy of Brown’s [...]

Soul Survivor: The Lost Recordings and Magic Touch of Robert Hosea Williams

It’s not rare for musicians to begin their careers in the garage and end them in the pawnshop. For recording engineer Robert Hosea Williams, it was just the opposite. He began his life’s work picking up used gear, and finished it by packing up storage boxes, stowing away some of the baddest D.C. soul recordings of the [...]

Numero to Release the Lost Recordings of Robert Hosea Williams

Last summer, Chicago archival label Numero Group did God's work by shedding light on a forgotten D.C. soul outfit, Father's Children. The band recorded an album of cathartic, messianic soul music beginning in 1972 with the producer Robert Hosea Williams, who kept the tapes after the band's management failed to pay the bill. The sessions [...]

Tonight: Meet Lost D.C. Soul Ensemble Father’s Children

In the early '70s, Father's Children were caught in a weird moment: between damaged soul and spaced out funk, between '60s turmoil and '70s New Age idealism, between salvation and doom. The group might be remembered for commercial-sounding music it made Mercury Records later in the decade, but some of the recordings it made in [...]

Start Your Apocalyptic Weekend With a Father’s Children Jam

In July, Numero Group is releasing Who's Gonna Save the World, a once-lost 1973 album by the D.C. soul group Father's Children. Today,  it released a song from it. "Everybody's Got a Problem" is broad-brushed yet tense—with a slightly looser groove, it could've come from Sly and the Family Stone's early-'70s damaged era. Like the album's [...]

Numero Discovers Rare Tapes from Lost D.C. Soul Band Father’s Children

Bless those Numero Group people. The Chicago label has rescued heaps of regional scenes from the dustbins of history with its handsome reissues, and now it's turning its sights to an obscure D.C. soul outfit, Father's Children.
Actually, until now, Father's Children was mostly remembered as an obscure L.A. band. Its only record that made it [...]

Music in Review: Experience Music Project

What can we say? Our Music in Review issue required a lot of drinking.
Taking a look at the Numero Group label's new Light: On the South Side release, Jason Cherkis also took to some tippling. At the suggestion of the label's co-founder, Ken Shipley, he dug into the hefty book-and-LP set—featuring songs and Michael L. [...]