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Arts Roundup: Tiny Desk Concerts Edition

D.C. band The Strangest Places launches a Kickstarter campaign for its debut album. [The Deli Magazine]
As NPR relocates, so do Tiny Desk Concerts. [Post]
New project D.C. by the Book maps literature set in D.C. [DCist]
The Evens are goin' to California. [Dischord]

Listen: Maxmillion Dunbar, House of Woo

Sometimes, words get in the way. In this era of social-media overstimulation, it seems everyone has something to mouth off about. That's why it's refreshing to hear people like D.C. producer Andrew Field-Pickering (aka Maxmillion Dunbar), who can express himself profoundly without saying a word.
Such is the foundation of House of Woo, Dunbar's new electronic [...]

Listen: Halloween Crust-Metal Jams From Ilsa’s Forthcoming Intoxicantations

Earlier today, NPR premiered "Fluid Bound," a new song from local crust-metal quintet Ilsa. The track is from the band's forthcoming full-length, Intoxicantations, a title NPR's Lars Gotrich says is "a little hokey, like a B-movie with a lot of blood and bare-chested women, but still a line every metalhead or pulp comic-book writer will wish [...]

Wednesday: Chat With Emily White and Lindsay Zoladz About Streaming, Piracy, and, um, Emily White

For last week's cover story, Lindsay Zoladz wrote about former NPR intern Emily White, and what it's like to sit at the eye of an Internet shit storm. White became, as Zoladz wrote, "the most controversial D.C. intern since Monica Lewinsky" after penning a blog post for NPR titled "I Never Owned Any Music to Begin [...]

Interns: So Naïve!

Note: This is a one-time-only deal in which we ask our interns (who are almost literally infants) to talk about how young and inexperienced they are. Stephanie Haven’s mommy says she’s an editorial intern for Washington City Paper. Haven knows she’s the best journalist around town because her mommy told her that, too.
I was 12 [...]

Everybody’s Doing It, So Why Can’t We? On NPR, David Lowery, Travis Morrison, and Paying for Music

There's a culture war going on right now, and it has nothing to do with gay marriage. If you're a music nerd, a music-maker, or a Facebook friend of either kind of person, you've probably seen a link to a recent blog piece by NPR intern Emily White in which she explains how she acquired [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Bob Edwards, Reel Affirmations

Bob Edwards, the Peabody Award-winning veteran host of NPR's Morning Edition, was controversially removed from the program in 2004, right before his 25th anniversary on the airwaves. Instead of keeping the correspondent job he was offered, Edwards made the jump to satellite radio, and brought many of his listeners with him. He published his memoir [...]

Arts Roundup: Support for the Arts Edition

RIP: Sidney Harman, stereo equipment pioneer, arts patron, and Newsweek owner, has died at the age of 92. The philanthropist's $19.5 million contribution to the Shakespeare Theatre built the company's glassy downtown theater, which opened in 2007. In a statement, Shakespeare Theatre director Michael Kahn said the philanthropist's "commitment to the arts has inspired many [...]

Arts Roundup: The City’s Been Dead Since it Didn’t Shut Down Edition

NPR Guy Wins Twitter, Post Declares: The best Twitter user, hands down, is NPR social-media strategist Andy Carvin, whom The Washington Post's Paul Farhi profiles to lead off today's Style section. Carvin tweets, a lot, using his speedy iPhone typing to turn himself into NPR's in-house expert on the Middle East. Where is Carvin tweeting from? "His tweets come [...]

Catching Up With No Kill No Beep Beep, Day 5: More in the Scene

On Oct. 24, 2000, Dischord Records released No Kill No Beep Beep, the classic debut by Q and Not U. The cover is an arresting, whimsical snapshot of the punk-rock community that spawned the record—the band asked its friends and peers, most of them under 25 at the time, to pose for a portrait [...]