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Norman Scribner Gets a Modest Send-Off

The Choral Arts Society’s tribute to Norman Scribner went on a little long, fitting for someone who announced his retirement a full two years before stepping down. But Scribner didn’t revel in it. As CAS’s founder and D.C.’s senior choral director, he could have made his farewell all about himself. Instead, on Wednesday, he trudged [...]

The Choral Arts Society’s Norman Scribner: The Exit Interview

On Sunday, Norman Scribner steps down as director of the Choral Arts Society of Washington, which he founded in 1965 and has led ever since. Scribner’s 47-year tenure outlasted those of most of his Cold War contemporaries—Gaddafi only made it to 42—and during that time, CAS became one of the leading groups in D.C.’s overstuffed [...]

The Choral Arts Society’s Good Gamble

Director turnover at an area chorus isn’t necessarily big news. Our city has, at last count, a shit-ton of choruses, many of which are no strangers to administrative upheaval. The past few years haven’t been easy for The Maryland Chorus, The Washington Chorus, and Master Chorale, which saw liquidation, an acrimonious firing, and transition to [...]

Arts Roundup: Mad Props Edition

Cornell University's choral director, Scott Tucker, to succeed Choral Arts Society honcho Norman Scribner, who founded the ensemble 46 years ago. [Post]
Black Cat Peep show! (Not what you think.) [Post]
DMV producer Judah's track-by-track review of Fat Trel's Nightmare on E St. is pretty brutal. [For the DMV Only]
Chatting with curator Amy Lipton, whose selections for the ongoing [...]

Choral Christmas Smackdown! The Washington Chorus vs. Choral Arts Society

Much like retail businesses, choral groups have a standard yearly schedule. They live a meager, hand-to-mouth existence 11 months of the year, but December is when they cash in. For the second in our annual series of holiday smackdowns!, Arts Desk offers a consumer report on Christmas concerts from two of our leading choral groups: [...]

Choral Arts Society: Mozart’s Requiem, Reviewed

The Choral Arts Society had, depending on your point of view, the luck or misfortune of snagging Rob Kapilow to introduce the penultimate program of its 2011 season, Mozart’s Requiem.  The effervescent musicologist has his own shtick, a highly entertaining lecture series called “What Makes It Great?” in which he breaks down a classical work [...]