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Heat Wave: Edie Sedgwick Goes to SXSW, Day 2

Not yet acclimated to the late nights and late mornings of a touring rock 'n' roll band, I wake up at 8 a.m. on a couch in Pittsburgh after having lay down on the couch only five hours before. With nothing to do, I am forced to finish reading Norman Mailer's Why Are We in [...]

Exhuming Don Carpenter’s Hard Rain Falling:
An interview with Edwin Frank

On his most recent visit to Busboys and Poets, George Pelecanos wasn't just selling his own books—he was also hawking a slim New York Review of Books reissue of a 1966 novel whose out-of-focus Ken Light cover photo (above right) exemplifies the undeserved obscurity of its author: Don Carpenter (below right). The novel in question [...]