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Low, Low Price: Jazz Setlist, June 25-July 1

Nils Berg Cinemascope considers a video projector to be its fourth member, using footage of a different person for each song.

ToDo ToDay: Nordic Jazz! Folklife Festival Begins!

The annual Nordic Jazz Festival takes great pains to give audiences as complete and detailed a panorama as possible of what’s happening in Scandinavian jazz. Of course, one would have to see all eight nights’ worth of concerts to get that complete, detailed panorama, but there’s a good Cliff’s Notes version to be had at [...]

Jazz Setlist, June 16-22: No Rest From the Fest

So you think D.C. jazz and the festival season cool off a bit following the DC Jazz Festival? Ha! For right on its heels comes the Nordic Jazz Festival, which weaves back and forth between Twins Jazz on U Street and the Finnish and Swedish embassies. It's worthy of a Setlist all its own, and [...]

Nordic Jazz Festival Boasts Big Acts, Unexpected Sounds

Jazz from the chilly Nordic countries often sounds different not because of the temperature, but because of education: Nordic musicians are so well-versed in the mechanics of jazz, the history of classical music, modern pop music trends, and experimental sounds that many incorporate it all into a distinctive sound that is [...]