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ToDo ToDay: Julianna Barwick, Chain and the Gang, and the International Uranium Film Festival

Julianna Barwick’s songs often consist of vocals looped back on themselves, distorted with reverb, or simply repeated until they sound something like instruments. Her latest album, Nepenthe, takes the artistic argument of her 2011 breakout album The Magic Place to its logical extreme: The songs are a little less blissfully beautiful and more chillingly ethereal. Read more >>> Julianna [...]

ToDo ToDay: Ian MacKaye! SISU!

Fugazi and The Evens frontman Ian MacKaye is a punk-rock icon, yeah, but he’s also one hell of an archivist. In addition to building a vast collection of physical media, MacKaye has also digitized tons of it and made it accessible to the public through Dischord Records and projects like the Fugazi Live Series. So [...]