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Reviewed: Kate MacDonnell and Noelle K. Tan at Civilian Art Projects

Civilian Art Projects was on to something when they paired photographic exhibits by Kate McDonnell and Noelle K. Tan. Though MacDonnell works in color and Tan uses black and white, both are apt to dwell on voids.
In her current body of work, MacDonnell, who lives and works in D.C., trains her lens on the sky, [...]

Arts in Review: The Most Memorable Images of 2010

For the second straight year, this critic is offering a top 10 list of the most memorable images of 2010. Only two exhibits below—the International Photography Competition at Fraser Gallery and the Timothy O’Sullivan retrospective at the Smithsonian American Art Museum—also made my top 10 list of the best exhibits of 2010, which suggests that [...]

FotoWeek: Noelle K. Tan’s “The America Project: utopia” at Civilian Art Projects

In much of her previous work, Noelle K. Tan’s photography has been striking for its exquisiteness—a mix of precisely shaded details amid a glaring field of white, or the reverse, brightly lit features within a cloak of darkness. But Tan’s work has also been notable for its anonymity: It has been everywhere, and thus nowhere. [...]