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Jazz Setlist, Dec. 19-23: Bohemian (Open-Face) Sandwich

It's a good few days at Bohemian Caverns for jazz lovers.

Jazz Setlist: Kahil’s Back

Thursday, Feb. 6
Tim Whalen has been kicking it up lately. Always a popular sideman in town—and for very good reason—Whalen has bands that seem to be increasingly visible on the scene. That's especially true of his septet, but Whalen also leads a trimmed down quartet featuring one horn (tenor saxophonist Tedd Baker) and a rhythm [...]

The Jazzies: D.C.’s Best Jazz in 2013

It's been a year of up-and-down swoops for D.C. jazz. But even in its tough spots, our local scene finds occasion to show its best sides. (There was likelier no tougher spot this year than the death of Butch Warren, but the tributes and dedications to him across the city were a thing to behold. [...]

Jazz Setlist, December 19-25: Oh, Christmas Tree-o

Thursday, December 19
Jazz drummer starts band to play Christmas songs. You'd think that was all the summary you needed for Matt Wilson's Christmas Tree-O, perhaps adding a mention of Wilson's clowning on the bandstand. But, no. Wilson does skew silly in his persona, and the Christmas Tree-O does have a certain affection for the kitsch [...]

Jazz Setlist, Dec. 20-26: Not Really a Setlist

Do two items really constitute a "list"? It's a scant week for jazz, obviously. But there are a couple of important gigs you should know about.
Thursday, December 20
Vivid though the term is, there's not much to be done with the descriptor "zombie jazz." It tells you little about the music of Father Figures, who coined [...]

Jazz Setlist, December 15-21: Triumphant Returns

Friday, December 16
Last year, when Bohemian Caverns brought Benny Golson, one of those octogenarian jazz musicians who's achieved unquestionable living legend status, onto its venerable little bandstand, I wrote that the club had scored "an enormous coup....If you miss this, folks, you're doing it wrong and that's that." Which was true. Golson is one of [...]

DC Jazz Festival, Night 9: Victor Provost Synthesis Quartet

Let's go out on a limb and say that Victor Provost is one of the best things about the D.C. jazz scene. Not that there are a lot of direct comparisons to make: How many jazz steelpan players are there anywhere, let alone in the District (where there's only one)? Without doubt, however, Provost will [...]

Jazz Setlist, April 21-27: Natives Only

Thursday, April 21
A month shy of her 24th birthday, DC's Andrea Wood has a smallish, wiry frame that can't possibly contain the robust, supple voice she exhibits on her debut CD, Dhyana. Her range is uncanny: She's got flawless rhythm (in terms of the beat and the Portuguese syllables she enunciates) on the bossa tune [...]

Arts Roundup: Fancy New City Paper Edition

It's still us, we just look better now. And who knows, you may even be handed a copy of the beautifully redesigned City Paper by one of our staffers (like Erin Petty, who was here on Wednesday) as you board Metrorail today. Petty, by the way, has this week's Arts Desk feature on Katie Balloons, [...]

It’s Jolley Month at Strathmore

OK, so they don't actually call it "Jolley Month." But D.C. twins Nate and Noble Jolley are artists in residence at Strathmore this month, and their premiere performance as such is tonight.
Pianist Noble and drummer Nate are heirs to a musical dynasty. Their father, Noble Sr., was a respected jazz guitarist-turned-evangelist who brought his sons up [...]