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Jazz Setlist, May 8-14: Mother’s Day Jazz

Thursday, May 8
The interesting thing about Nnenna Freelon is that her charisma doesn't really hit you until after the fact. She's an intense performer, one who addresses her audience both in song and in her banter with a certain tossed-off vibe that's as casual as the light tousle in her hair. Once the set is [...]

ToDo ToDay: Nero/Pseudo, Haerts, and Todd Barry

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, the legend goes. But what if someone resembling the former emperor emerged from the ashes as a glam rocker? The practitioners at WSC Avant Bard play with this premise in their new musical Nero/Pseudo. The idea isn’t historically accurate, obviously, but this theatrical romp isn’t trying to tell the truth. Instead, [...]

Jazz Setlist, September 1-7: Labor Day Swings

Thursday, September 1
If you know your D.C. jazz, you almost certainly know pianist Amy K. Bormet. She's the backbone of the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra; the architect of this year's inaugural Washington Women In Jazz Festival; a favorite accompanist for a variety of leaders, bands, and styles; a surprisingly accomplished singer; and one of the [...]

Jazz Setlist, March 31-April 6: Canada Day Comes Early

Friday, April 1
Night of the Cookers. The Modern Jazz Giants. The Bebop All-Stars. One of those big hyperbolic album titles should by rights be hung around the necks of the cast of characters D.C. jazz patriarch Paul Carr has assembled for the weekend. In truth, Carr, born and bred in the "Texas Tenor" tradition of [...]