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Why a Sneakerhead Destroyed His Rare Air Jordans

Right now, pairs of last December's limited-edition retro Air Jordan release—the coveted Air Jordan XI "Breds"—are going for more than $300. But local artist and sneakerhead Sidney Thomas hasn't put the pairs he bought on eBay. He destroyed them.
For a series of photographs now on display in two local gallery shows, Thomas captured a masked friend [...]

Arts Roundup: Athletic Gear Deathmatch Edition

The Vogue Line State: Writing in today's Washington Post, Ned Martel attempts to dissect the very mixed reaction to the University of Maryland football team's new "Maryland Pride" uniforms that feature several images of Maryland's flag. Some Maryland alumni, like Oprah Winfrey sidekick Gayle King, told Martel that "it seems like there’s three different things going [...]