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This Week in Film: Kick-Ass and The Secret in Their Eyes

Though Kick-Ass is named after its titular teen protagonist's superhero alter ego, it is another character—an 11-year old girl named Mindy—who steals the show. Chloe Moretz plays Mindy/Hit-Girl, daughter of Nicolas Cage's Big Daddy and ultimate comrade to Dave Lizewski's Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson). Lizewski's back story and lone fights are nothing to write home about [...]

In Theaters This Week

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans: Watch Werner Herzog and Nicolas Cage turn Harvey Keitel's 1992 tortured cop into a whooping clown. Entertaining for the wrong reasons, and occasionally flat-out bizarre.
William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe: What compelled the titular lawyer to defend alleged killers, terrorists, and rapists? This doc by Kunstler's daughters gives [...]

In Theaters This Week

The Damned United: Michael Sheen stars as English soccer coach Brian Clough. Surprise, he's cocky and charming.
Antichrist: Lars von Trier, misogyny, sex, and torture for all involved, viewers included.