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Arts Roundup: $1.3 Million Edition

RIP D.C. jazz musician Frank Wess. [Arts Desk]
Listen to Ian MacKaye on NPR's Ask Me Another. [NPR]
Was $1.3 million too much to spend on a decorative structure for the New York Avenue bridge? [WJLA]
Green-paint vandal found incompetent to stand trial. [AP]
Elton John hits D.C. to fetch his lifetime achievement award from the Rockefeller Foundation. [Post]
A map [...]

Rapper Eve on the Gap Between Her Albums and Testosterone in Hip-Hop

Hip-hop—its slang, its trends—seems to change every six months. So it's almost unheard of for a rapper to go a decade between releasing albums and still maintain some type of success. This became a reality for rapper Eve, who released her fourth album, Lip Lock, in May—11 years after its predecessor, Eve-Olution.
Eve's career wasn't exactly [...]

Watch: Wale’s Music Video for Butt Anthem “Clappers”

Wale tossed Stadium Club an alley-oop when he released his single "Clappers" this summer. With its thunderous intro, EU sample, Chuck Brown shout-out, and guest appearances from Nicki Minaj and Juicy J, the track seemed like pabulum for both the strip-club set and the rapper's local fanbase. But he didn't release a video for the [...]

Reviewed: Black Alley’s Soul Swagger Rock Sneakers

You shouldn't label Black Alley a "go-go" band. It's limiting, if not wholly inaccurate. While the D.C. septet incorporates the genre's congas, cowbells, and cymbal-heavy drum breaks, its sound is rooted in alt-rock and neo-soul, with dashes of hip-hop and funk for good measure.
That blend has worked well for them so far. The band has amassed a [...]

Black Alley’s Perfect Noise

It's Monday night in Southeast D.C., and you can hear the music halfway down the block. It's a raucous yet cohesive sound—a mixture of rock-n-roll and R&B, dashed with a little hip-hop and funk.
Step inside the single-family home, and the source of the noise becomes clear: Black Alley is in the midst of a two-hour rehearsal, [...]

Arts Roundup: I’m Me, Times Three Edition

Weezy on the Streets of D.C.: The Maybach Music crew and/or Young Money Cash Money Billionaires (they're all pretty much the same, anyway) graced us with their presence this weekend. Did you catch a glimpse of Drizzy Drake, Rick Rozay, Nicki Minaj, or Wayne himself? TBD thoroughly tracked the venues in which the various performers [...]

Monster: Is Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy a Product of His Ego or Its Absence?

Kanye West is a man outside his time. With his globe-spanning interruptions, pronouncements, and Twitter dispatches, he can seem like a walking publicity statement, but he actually isn’t well-suited for a world of iPhone apps, hybrid engines, metrosexuality, and cyberlove. In fact, he’s spent much of his career bemoaning modern failures, the ultimately unsatisfying nature [...]

Weekend Music Roundup : Chuck Berry, Felice Brothers, Nicki Minaj

Most of the good stuff tonight sold out already. Saturday's major options seem limited to DJ Pauly D at Fur; Nicki Minaj, Jane Jetson's slightly tawnier cousin at DC Star; or another questionably "spectacular" (read: leaning toward just plain spectacle) rapper, Lil B.

The Best of Friday, but Unfortunately Sold Out:

Chuck Berry with Daryl Davis. 8 [...]

Tonight: Gyptian at the Crossroads

Jamaican singer Gyptian's "Hold You (Hold Yuh)" has been omnipresent on R&B and rap radio in recent months. Not bad for a song that was originally released in 2009. Thanks to its simple, finger-tinkling keyboard beat, Gyptian's patois-filled falsetto melody, and a hip-hop remix with Nicki Minaj, this syrupy tune has become the biggest reggae-related [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang: Vol. 6

Famous people were everywhere, but we pretended not to notice. That's because Far Out vs. Hot Dang is lookin' where you ain't lookin' ... or at least it's seein' more than you're seein'. It's like a third eye and a lightning rod amalgamated into one blessedly/hellaciously innovative sensory organ. And that, gentle reader, is super-awesome. [...]