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Why Megan Mullally Loves D.C., Nick Offerman, and Goofing Off

Megan Mullally may have first come to public consciousness with the popularity of Will & Grace, but she's been a staple in theatrical performances for quite a bit longer. Similarly, her marriage to Parks & Recreation star Nick Offerman has been going strong for 14 years, but only due to his success in the last four years or [...]

Arts Roundup: Endings Edition

House of Cards probably won't return for a third season. [Huffington Post]
Doesn't look like Donnie Simpson plans to return to radio, either. [Post]
The Textile Museum carefully transfers its collection to George Washington University. [WBJ]
Yes, Thriller on H Street happens again this year. [Frozen Tropics]
Lyle Link pens an appreciation for Butch Warren. [CapitalBop]
Nick Offerman joins the Bentzen [...]

ToDo ToDay: Nick Offerman, The Evens, and a Race Symposium at the D.C. JCC

"Ham" isn’t the first word you’d use to describe the comedy of Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman. He’s more about folksy, faux-masculine deadpan. When he brings the show to the Warner Theatre, he’ll deliver observations from his years in show business, plus a few references to the Parks and Rec gags that have dominated certain segments [...]