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One Track Mind: Nice Breeze’s “Transparency”

Standout Track: “Transparency,” a surf-tinged punk ditty by D.C.- and Arlington-based quartet Nice Breeze. The band has experimental roots—guitarist John Howard and drummer Martha Hamilton also play in noisy freeform act Plums, and guitarist Barrett Jones has made droney music with Obetrol—but this song is as Saran Wrap–clear as its name. Singer Andy Fox sounds [...]

ToDo ToDay: A Camus Tribute, Improvised Shakespeare, and Sunwolf

Albert Camus’ The Stranger  is one of the core texts of existential literature. The novel’s exploration of absurdity and ambiguity is perfect fodder for a remix artist to interpret. In tonight's program "Library Late," Orchid Bite—the duo of Finland’s Sabrina Harri and Belgium’s Alexia de Ville de Goyet—will use a 1954 recording of Camus reading The Stranger as its [...]

ToDo ToDay: Civil Rights Exhibits, Superhero Art, and Lots of Local Rock

Fifty years after the March on Washington, D.C.’s museums have mounted several notable exhibits that look back on a critical period of the Civil Rights movement. Now, the Newseum throws its hat into the ring with an exhibit dedicated to the student activists who launched some of the most significant demonstrations of the 1960s. Visitors [...]