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The Twitter Spat Mamet Wrought: Should Theatergoers Boycott the Gun-Lovin’ Playwright?

If you've sat within five feet of a liberal-skewing Facebook news feed this week, you've probably heard about playwright David Mamet's humdinger of a Newsweek cover story, delectably headlined "Hands Off Our Guns," that made an odd and miscalculated argument against President Obama's gun control plan. In it, the brilliant author of Glengarry Glen Ross, Speed-the-Plow, [...]

Arts Roundup: Hey, Look! There’s My House Getting Crushed By a Giant Robot Edition

Photoshop and Make-believe: The term NewsBeast might have new meaning today with the cover of the new issue of Newsweek, which—in case you've been living under a rock that blocks access to Twitter—imagines and visualizes what Diana, Princess of Wales would be like at 50. Royal hanger-on (and editor-in-chief) Tina Brown used the magic of [...]

Newsweek‘s Working on a New Slogan; Does Anyone Care?

Sidney Harman isn't just the namesake of the home of the Shakespeare Theatre Company. The 92-year-old D.C.-area resident, stereo magnate, and husband to Congresswoman Jane Harman (D – CA) is also, as of three weeks ago, the owner of Newsweek. Harman bought the magazine from WaPo for $1 plus liabilities, which total approximately $71 million.
This [...]