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This Weekend Brings the Biggest Small Press Expo to Date

What's going to be small about this weekend's Small Press Expo? Most likely your bank account after you walk through the hundreds of cartoonists' tables. Because when you say Small Press Expo, you need to link the first two words together—it’s an expo for small presses, not just a diminutive expo. And it’s grown markedly [...]

Arts Roundup: Households per Eustace Tilly Edition

Dept. of Nightstand Maintenance: The viral hit of the weekend—well, at least in the circles I tweet in—was Dan Kois' very droll piece on "The New Yorker Group," a regular meet-up of over-booked, well-to-do Washington women who instead of discussing, like, a book, chat about articles in the magazine. The piece reads like an extended [...]