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Meet a Visiting Cartoonist: A Chat With George O’Connor

The Library of Congress' National Book Festival is happening on the Mall this Saturday and Sunday, with most cartoonists appearing on Sunday in the big new Graphic Novels tent. George O'Connor is sneaking in on Saturday, however, where he'll promote Journey into Mohawk Country, a historical graphic novel on an early Dutch explorer's travels in what became [...]

Arts Roundup: Gothamite Facepalm Edition

It's Not TV. It's TV with Vince Gray: Mayor Vince Gray launched a monthly talk show last night. No, really, he did. The first episode of Inside One City ... Conversations with DC Mayor Vincent C. Gray—geez, your honor, you're never going to fit in the TV listings that way—focused on the District government's "summer entertainment options." Naturally, [...]

The Worst Album I Downloaded This Year

It was more fun to name "worst of the year" albums when the music industry actually had a business plan. Now that the behemoths are useless and dumb, there's no joy in shitting on anything, because nobody seems to be making much money by making records.
But people still need to be warned about certain things, [...]

Kane Mayfield Provides Your Monthly Dose of Boom-Bap

The bio says Kane Mayfield "penned his first lyrics to a Wu Tang Clan instrumental set on loop." He's New York-reared and Baltimore-seasoned. Those facts pretty much explain "Wreck," his new single, which is nice:

ADDENDUM: Mayfield confirms that the guy with the black eye in the picture is Mitch "Blood" Green.

Oddisee Unpacks Sound for NPR, Packs Bags for Move to NYC

Nice profile on NPR of rapper and producer Oddisee, whom we've featured a few times. He's a member of Diamond District and in his solo songs sometimes rhymes about Prince George's County, where he grew up. According to NPR's Guy Raz, he's "part of a new crop of artists who are returning to the early [...]

“Oi! You’re Malcolm McLaren!” Nick English Remembers the Controversial Punk Icon

Nick English, the former manager of Bad Brains and D.C. hardcore's link to London punk, encountered Malcolm McLaren in the late '70s when both were living in New York. He recently recounted those events in an e-mail to friends. McLaren, a controversial manager and punk icon, died last week at 66. With English's permission, we've [...]

Dirty Projectors NYE Photos

The Dirty Projectors weren't in DC this New Years, but I followed them to Manhattan where they played an all-star show curated by Akron/Family. What better way to usher in 2009 than with Dave Longstreth's prowling stage presence and oscillating vibrato?