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Does the Hirshhorn Have Windows? The Museum Debates the New York Times

There are either 331 windows or four, depending on how you count.

Fugazi Live Archive Launches Thursday

Remember when you paid $5 to see that life-changing, all-ages show where Guy Picciotto hung upside down from a basketball hoop? Or when Ian MacKaye stretched out the insanity of "23 Beats Off" for just a few minutes more? It's time to relive all those memories, folks...
In news that should make Phish jealous, The New [...]

Rediscovering Paik: A Chat With Smithsonian Curator John G. Hanhardt

Given the recent opening of an exhibition of Nam June Paik's work at the National Gallery of Art, as well as the long-term commitment to media art the Smithsonian American Art Museum has made its Watch This! exhibition, I thought now would be a good time to talk with SAAM's senior curator for media arts, John G. [...]

Imagine What Random Art Could Do for D.C.

There was an article in The New York Times’ arts section this past Sunday that I only just got around to reading—but have become completely enchanted with. The story is about pop-up arts performances that are occurring in cities around the country, courtesy of the Knight Arts Program, which is part of the John S. [...]

Arts Roundup: National Edition

Morning all. I don't know about your neck of the woods, but police presence has been screamin' this morning in Petworth. Meanwhile, in the world of arts...
The New York Times' Cathy Horyn examines the gown Michelle Obama wore for Hu Jintao's state dinner. She seems impressed by Obama's choice of the festive red dress with [...]

NYT on Imagining Madoff: Theater J Production Is “Indefinitely Postponed”

In today's New York Times, Patrick Healy recounts the ordeal this spring that led playwright Deb Margolin to pull her play Imagining Madoff from Theater J's 2010-2011 season. The occasion for the article? Imagining Madoff is premiering tomorrow, in revised form, at Stageworks/Hudson in Hudson, N.Y. The original version included a fictionalized Elie Wiesel, who [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Punctuated Consistency’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*À propos of EVERYTHING, here's Anthony Burgess on the Beatles, the Youth, and the dangers of trusting "pop prophets." (Keep an eye out for Zappa in the last frame):
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*The New York Times asks, and Christopher Hitchens responds to, questions about 1) memoir vs. [...]

Why Was Mark Linkous’ Age “Unknown”?

Mark Linkous from Sparklehorse died this weekend, and initial reports gave his age only as being "in his forties." Caryn Ganz, who broke the news late Saturday for Rolling Stone, told me that Linkous' publicist/manager, Shelby Meade, told her his age "wasn't released."
Entertainment Weekly went with a very similar formulation to Ganz's: "Linkous, who [...]

The Playlist: Jonathan Lethem

Jonathan Lethem's Chronic City is one of the best books of the year. So sayeth me; so sayeth the sage critterpoos at the New York Times, who include Lethem's eighth novel in their holiday gift guide. (Speaking of guides, check out ours!) While a good friend of mine alleges that Chronic City, which is about [...]

163,417 Reasons Bono Needs to Stop Preaching About Climate Change and Poverty

2,160: The number of wheels on which the 2009 U2 360 tour is currently rolling across this great nation. Divided by 18, that’s 120 trucks, carrying only the lights and stage for the tour. Who knows how many tour buses it takes to cart around Bono’s Prada support team.
7,400: A rough, and conservative, estimate [...]